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Big Cat Laws in the State of New York

The majesty of a lion, the power of a tiger. In the state of New York, it’s not just a good idea to leave these animals in the golden nature under the care of licensed professionals, is the law. Although the idea of keeping large felines as pets can seem as a rich fantasy, some private owners are equipped with gold prepared to take care of these animals, they can not be domesticated or treated like pets.

Big cats like pets

It is illegal for any non-commercial entity to keep out of cats as pets in New York. The large rows of felines are not limited to exotic circus animals; The New York Environmental Protection Code § 11-0103 olefins any cat other than a cat from the Golden House wild cat internal has descended from domestic cats have a wild animal and prohibits the possession of wild animals as pets by private owners. Exceptions to the law will not be taken for the examination of the abundantly-provided habitat or length of the animal’s property.

Grandfather article

Any owner who owned a cat before 1 January 2005. I had the animal license option with the New York Department of Environmental Conservation in order not to separate it from proprietary ICT when the state of the legislation enacted. These licenses may not be transferred and owners may be revoked if the conditions of treatment and life of aren’t fulfilled. The application window for a large CAT noncommercial license dated March 1, 2005.

Possession commercial

Organizations such as zoos, circuses and rescue cats can have a wide use in their businesses. The possession of these cats is authorized by the State and obliges the owners to provide the habitat of animals in captivity with the right size, as well as provide the care and general welfare of the animal. Commercial possession of wide use in captive felines for hunting or other events is prohibited.

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